Captivated and Intertwined

The sun sets to her west,
as I sit to her east,
light illuminating her outline,
hair blowing in the Autumn breeze.

My eyes they undress her,
not to her naked body, but her naked mind,
her soul it captivates me,
our lips beckoning to be intertwined.

And as the sun goes down,
we use touch to navigate our way,
through the valleys and the crevasses,
of each other’s surface as we lay.

Like a desert that’s been sucked dry,
we then dance for rain,
and when it falls gloriously,
we bathe until we go insane.



Like pen across paper
A line of attempted erasure
I lay distance between us
For the desired consequence
Maybe you can read it
Maybe you can’t
But I’m all for forgetting
These matters of the heart

And I wish you could understand
I wish I needn’t explain it
You are not what I now distaste
But all of which you still remind me of
A time of such significance and beauty
Which now lay in rubble, lost

Tell me…
How could we possibly move forward
Without holding onto the past?
How could we be anything else
As though this past has been forgot?

Bittersweet and pungent
On my mind, on my lips

Cycle of Destruction

A desperate plea from a man that had nothing left to lose.
Why was she so quick to fall back into the cycle of destruction?
Cunning were his ways, manipulating her every move.
A woman just wanting to be loved, but not by the man she’d have normally choose.
She knew all too well of his manipulative ways,
yet let her guard slip and now the roles continue to play.
Good day, bad day, good day, bad day,
it’s always the same.
Good day, bad day, good day, bad day,
always she is the one to blame.
Seeking advice but never taking,
she wonders why it’s hell in the making.
Deep down she knows the right path she ought to be taking,
but always finds herself contemplating.
Taking advantage of their situation,
keeping her alone, in isolation,
his ability to control every angle of their lives in frustration.