Meet me at the edge, I’ll divulge all that is true. Righteousness will decided, with which wings you fly. Dancing in the dark, spinning with a spark. Beware of those, who gaze upon your hue.


Lost, In You

I wonder where you go when you check out.
Where it is your thoughts roam when your mind seems vacant,
and your eyes they stare, lost in the depths of this ever thinning air we breathe.

And for whatever reason you could not be here, I forgive you.
But please don’t wake me, when I choose to stay,
lost forever, in your eyes.

Unveiling Your Truth

Her mind, displaced.
Carried away effortlessly in a sensory haze.
Your disgrace my dear,
it leaves me with such distaste,
an unworthiness of the affection I once held for you.

But it’s not your fault,
you don’t understand the things you do.
Building bridges,
just to watch them burn through.
Beautifully broken,
in a world where we hide,
the unspoken truth.

Cycle of Destruction

A desperate plea from a man that had nothing left to lose.
Why was she so quick to fall back into the cycle of destruction?
Cunning were his ways, manipulating her every move.
A woman just wanting to be loved, but not by the man she’d have normally choose.
She knew all too well of his manipulative ways,
yet let her guard slip and now the roles continue to play.
Good day, bad day, good day, bad day,
it’s always the same.
Good day, bad day, good day, bad day,
always she is the one to blame.
Seeking advice but never taking,
she wonders why it’s hell in the making.
Deep down she knows the right path she ought to be taking,
but always finds herself contemplating.
Taking advantage of their situation,
keeping her alone, in isolation,
his ability to control every angle of their lives in frustration.